メンバー紹介012(蓮村 俊彰)



蓮村 俊彰:住友商事 新事業投資部 部長代理
      東北大学大学院情報科学研究科 客員准教授


2019年住友商事にてHAX Tokyo立上・運営に従事。
2021年より量子技術による社会変革を推進するQuantum Transformationプロジェクトを立ち上げ、活動推進。
前職では電通にて自社やクライアント企業の様々な新規事業開発に従事。具体例として日本初・最大級のFinTech産業拠点The FinTech Center of Tokyo「FINOLAB」の事業を構想、三菱地所・ISIDと共同し設立した。


Toshiaki Luke Hasumura : Manager Innovation & Investment Dept, Sumitomo corporation / Visiting Associate Professor Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University 

From 2019, he has been engaged in the establishment and operation of HAX Tokyo at Sumitomo Corporation.
From 2020, he promotes the establishment of an business ecosystem for new business development originating from various business sites in general trading companies.
From 2021, he launches the Quantum Transformation Project to promote social transformation through quantum technology and promotes its activities.
Previously, at Dentsu, he was engaged in various new business development projects for the company and its clients. As a example, he conceived the project of the FinTech Center of Tokyo “FINOLAB”, the first and largest FinTech industrial base in Japan, and established it jointly with Mitsubishi Estate and ISID.

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